About Me!


Hello, I’m Reema-Tanya, I am 21 years old. I am a 3rd year student studying Media Production (BA hons) at Southampton Solent University. I plan to gradu32481787_10211106945727249_694115179444568064_nate in the summer of 2019. Alongside doing my degree, I am also a photographer & videographer!
I am originally from London and my family home is in a town that’s a short journey away from the heart of London. I consider myself really lucky to have been brought up in a town that’s covered in countryside, but with a short journey I’m able to be in a famously beautiful city. I would say that this is what first inspired myself to get into photography. I wanted to be able to capture the amazing differences between a still, silent, countryside, as well as, a hectic, noisy, city life. I then moved to Southampton, to study my degree, which was a complete new experience to live on the coast, my life changed from being surrounded by airplanes, to boats. And I LOVE it.

“Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Story…

It Will Inspire Others.”

I try my very best to help people that are suffering with mental health. After going 22089466_10209669084261611_1950635389923122178_nthrough some of the hardest battles with my mental health, with some of those resulting in almost losing, I have come out fairly strong. I suffer/suffered with Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Disassociation and Self Harm. As well as struggling with these disorders, I have also had a fair share of heartbreaks and fall outs that I could argue but did and didn’t help me! Though I still have my bad days, I have so
many more good days and I want to help people get to the stage where I am today.

I think that’s all for a basic description of me, I hope you stick around to read other blog posts and learn more about my life journey!


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