Top 10 Tips for University!

I’m currently going into my 3rd year of university (which is actually my 4th year of university but that’s a story for another time!), but as I’ve been going to university for a while… I feel like I’ve gained enough experience to offer some advice!

Tip Number 1:

Making friends. Yes I know, it’s a terrifying experience. You’re in a new place, with new people, away from home. You’re anxious. You’re scared. You’re shy. But guess what? So is EVERYONE else! Everyone wants to make friends, everyone is told the friends you make at university are your friends for life. Though this is kinda true, it’s kinda not. You won’t know someone’s personality straight away, but there will be people you can click with straight away. There’s many opportunities, nights out, you’re university flat, societies, your course! Just get out there and the rest will happen.

Tip Number 2:

One thing I regret doing is hiding away in my room. I was so anxious that I just stayed in my room and didn’t get out there. So my tip is to try overcome the anxiety and leave your room! You’ll never know the great things that can happen if you stay hidden away the whole time!

Tip Number 3:

Join a society. This is something I really regret not doing. There’s so so many societies that universities run so you’re bound to find something that’ll be for you. Go to freshers fare and go find a society!

Tip Number 4:

Despite the connotations of university, you do NOT need to go out and get drunk at every opportunity. If you aren’t feeling up for going out or drinking, you don’t have to. You can say no.

Tip Number 5:

Go to your lectures. I know the thought of turning up to a 9am lecture when you got home at 5am seems like torture, get yourself up and GO. You’re paying to be there. It’s not school, you have way more responsibility. The lectures are there for a reason.

Tip Number 6:

On the same note of lectures… do your work. Whether it’s weekly work or for your deadlines, doing them last minute just causes way more stress than if you take your time to do them! Trust me on this one! You’ll get so much more sleep if you don’t leave them till last minute!

Tip Number 7:

Packing. Oh I hate the packing and unpacking process. But what I’ve learnt is for your first year you end up packing way more than you actually need. No you’re not going to need those pair of shoes that fell behind your bed and you haven’t worn in 5 years. I found organising my things, especially clothes, into seasons really helped. If it’s winter, I’m not going to need my summer clothes, so they stay in a box under the bed, it makes for so much more room space!

Tip Number 8:

Student loan. What a beautiful site. A 4 digit number going straight into your bank account. You feel rich. You feel like it’ll last forever. But I can assure you now, it doesn’t. So use your money wisely, you don’t need to buy the new PlayStation if it means you’ll be struggling to buy food down the line.

Tip Number 9:

Homesick. What a horrible feeling. You miss your home, your family, your friends, your pet. It’s a whole lot of sorrow. But it does get easier. There’s things that can help. Call your parents, FaceTime your pet, ask your friends to visit. Eventually you will settle in. Believe me, 3/4 years on and I hardly ever go home!

Tip Number 10:

Have fun. University is meant to be the best years of your life (supposedly, I personally don’t agree), but it’s meant to be fun. So have fun. Don’t stress out too much. Take things seriously that are meant to be taken seriously, but avoid the drama and just have fun!

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