Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos!

“My body is my journey, and my tattoos are my story” – Johnny Depp

I thought for this blog post I’ll write you guys through my 6 tattoos, what they are and why I got them!

So here we go!

(Trigger warning. This blog post will talk about mental health and self harm. Images may show scars.)

Tattoo number 1, age 17:

My first tattoo. A rather simple one with a rather simple meaning. But no matter how simple, it means a lot. I got this on my right wrist, during a time when I was in a really dark place. It’s a constant reminder to smile.

Tattoo number 2, age 18:

Two butterflies on my left wrist. If anyone is aware on the Butterfly Project, this tattoo would immediately make sense to you.

The butterfly project is a project to help those who self harm, to stop. The idea is that you draw a butterfly on where you usually self harm. If you self harm while the butterfly is there, you’ve killed the butterfly. So you mustn’t kill the butterfly. So now I have 2 permanent butterflies on my wrist.

Tattoo number 3, age 18:

At the same as as getting my butterflies, I got a treble clef on my left ring finger. It’s quite simple, but music got (and still does) me through a lot, both playing it or listening to it. So in a way, I’m tied to music for life!

Tattoo number 4, age 19:

3 pawprints on my right ankle. They are to signify my 3 cats; Ash, Smokey and Marble. Unfortunately, my family and I lost our 2 cats Ash & Smokey, both got hit by cars, 6 months from each other. We then got Marble (who is a house cat), so I always have my 3 cats with me.

Tattoo number 5, age 20:

For those who know me know I have many scars on my thigh, from my past, that I wanted to cover up. I spent a very long time thinking deeply into how I wanted this tattoo to turn out, and how every little detail will mean something to me. It is a piece of art that express my mental health journey perfectly.

-I got a broken compass to symbolise that even though it’s cracked and broken, it’s still able to function, just like myself. I may have been broken but I can go on.

-I have a lotus flower to symbolise depression, that something beautiful can grow out of the direst water into something beautiful, showing hope.

-The compass points North to show to always move forward.

-The quote symbolises a newly diagnosed mental illness, Disassociation. This involves loses touch with yourself, so it’s a reminder to always find myself even when I’m lost.

I’m so happy with how this turned out and for it to constantly remind myself that I am strong and I can get through all mental battles.

And finally, tattoo number 6, age 21:

Lavender. Lavender is an amazing thing, isn’t it? I got a lavender strand on my left arm. Lavender helps with so many things, especially anxiety. I now always have lavender with me as a reminder to keep calm.

All my tattoos have incredible meanings to be and I love each and every single one so much. Also, all but 2 tattoos are tactically placed to cover up self harm scars. I personally don’t like to see my scars, so I am using tattoos to cover them up, to change a horrible past to a beautiful piece of art! I’ve also managed to pace myself and get one every year, so theres one for each age. I think I have my 22nd year of life tattoo planned, but what do you think I should get?

Do you have any tattoos? Do they have meanings to you? I’d love to know!

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