Top 5 Music Artists

Something I’m really into is music. I always have been, and always will be! I love how music can make you feel, whether that be lift your spirits up and make you want to dance around, or something to cry to, music can do that to you!

So in no particular order, here are my top 5 artists I’ve been loving recently!

1. Dodie

Dodie started off on YouTube and is making her way into the music industry. She has music that can touch your soul, as well as music that just makes you want to dance! She has an amazing voice, with amazing words. With songs that are inspired from her life events, she has songs for any moment. She has just come out with her 3rd EP “Human”. I recommend you listen to Monster if you are looking for a jam (you HAVE to do the claps), or to If I’m Being Honest, the song is beautiful but everything in it makes it stunning. Her lyrics, the strings or how she holds are note near the end, gives me goosebumps every time!

2. Djuno

Djuno are a band from Southampton! They’ve achieved great things such as being the support for Malloy Knox! Courtney’s voice is what I’d want Hayley Williams to sound like! Both in studio and live they sound amazing! Recently realising a new song on Spotify, Howling, they are growing their fans. Everything about their music is amazing, whether that be the drums, guitar solos or bass! I definitely recommend giving them a listen!

3. Rusty Clanton

Rusty Clanton has a voice of angels! His music is always a go to for me! When I’m in the mood for calm music, he is who I put on! His song Novels will always make me feel a certain way. It’s such a beautiful song about love, I love it so much that I end up crying every time I listen to it!

4. Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin is a new find, he was actually an advert on Instagram, but his voice drew me in! His voice is so soothing, while his songs seem full of meaning! Currently they’ve been my go to, to put on whenever I’m about to drive somewhere! He reminds me of what Ed Sheeran used to be! I definitely recommend giving him a listen, especially Boy In The Bubble!

5. Ryan McMullan

I first discovered Ryan McMullan when he was touring with Ed Sheeran and I was instantly drawn in. His voice was beautiful. I searched him up straight after the gig and was obsessed! Even so, booking a ticket to go see him on his own tour. Him and his guitar together are like the perfect match! My favourite song by him is You Don’t Dance! Highly recommend him!

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