Brighton Get-Away

Recently life has been very stressful. I’m in my final 8 weeks of university, trying my best to do the work to my best standard, giving it that final push to get the highest grades I possibly can. As well as worrying about what I am going to do post-university. There’s just been a whole lotta stress, so Dave decided to take me away to Brighton for a couple days.

Thursday 14th February

Valentine’s Day. Now most people expect to be treated like princesses and be taken out for dinner. But not me, I was just happy to be chilling with Dave and doing nothing.

I woke up to a bouquet of roses and an exploding card, which was sweet and unexpected. Then we packed our bags and headed to the train station. Once we arrived we wondered around Brighton for a bit, waiting for check in time at our hotel (Hotel i360 is amazing btw, super cheap but super nice). Once we were able to check in, we got settled and took a nap, I mean, we were technically on holiday after all?

Once the evening approached we decided to order A LOT of dominos, stay in, and eat while watching crappy TV.

We ended the night by going out and having a drink or two (I say this, we had 1 drink), before heading back to the hotel and going to bed. Perfect Valentine’s Day if you ask me.

Friday 15th February

Exploring. We’ve both been to Brighton many times, so there’s wasn’t a lot of exploring that we were desperate to do. However, we did book tickets to go to the aquarium.

We started our day by getting breakfast at The Breakfast Club. If you take one thing away from this blog post, it’s that you NEED to try the food here. I’ve never had pancakes so good.

We then proceeded to go see the fish. Half the aquarium was unfortunately shut for refurbishment, but they gave us vouchers to come back for free when it’s full open again in May!

The fish were stunning to look at, and it was really interesting learning about them all.

After this, we went to the pier to eat some chips (you can’t go to the seaside and not get chips!), and play some arcade games. It’s good to know I’m still better than Dave at guitar hero.

We then decided to chill at the hotel until sunset where I was determined to take some pictures of the sunset on the beach.

We ended the night by ordering a McDonald’s to the hotel and playing some drinking games between the two of us. After we packed up to get a train home Saturday morning.

It was the most perfect stress free 2 days. Brighton always makes me happy. I don’t think it’s possible to visit Brighton and be sad. I can’t wait to go back again!

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