Top Tips for Anxiety

As it’s mental health awareness week, I thought I’d do a few blog posts on mental health. Raising awareness on mental health is something that means a lot to me, I try my best to constantly raise awareness as much as I can.

I even made a short film on self harm to show the battles that a mental illness has.

Watch here:

Which is based on this blog post: Silver Enemy

So I thought I’d share my tips with anxiety as this is something I battle with daily.

Firstly, anxiety/panic attacks.

There’s 2 techniques I mainly use when I’m having an attack.

1) Grounding.

I like to use this method to try ground my brain and realise my surrounds, sometimes things can seem extremely frantic, so this grounding technique really helps calm me down.

2) Breathing Technique.

Another thing that happens when having a panic attack is I struggle with is controlling my breathing. So I find trying to step back and do this this specific breathing technique.

These are the main ways that I deal with panic attacks specifically, however, you can be having an anxiety episode and not be hysterical, so here’s a list of a few things I do when I’m feeling really anxious:

1) Take a bath/shower.

I find the warmth of the bath or shower really calming and helps calm me down. It’s also nice to be alone and in a calm environment.

2) Stay in bed

I know this isn’t always possible, but staying in bed often helps. I find that bed is my safety place so sometimes not leaving that safety place is really helpful.

3) Watching a film

I like to watch a film/TV show because you can just escape into the screen for a couple hours and it feels like nothing else matters.

4) Lavender

Lavender scent candles, lavender plants, lavender spray. Anything lavender. I find lavender really calming (it’s proven to be), so anything lavender related really helps me!

Anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with, as someone who deals with it on a daily basis, I know this. So I hope that this helps someone out there who is also struggling. If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, or anything else, just know you will be okay.

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